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When Life Takes a Turn

Life always seems to whisper its truth. Most often we can't hear it because we are attached to the noise of our expectations and usual patterns of the day. Then, sudden plot twists greet our paths, the opportunity to hear the truth. Yet, so often we interpret these unplanned turns with panic, rushing and fighting desperately to regain what was, and holding our breath, eyes squeezed tight, till this unexpected storm passes.
If you encounter such a twist of fate, may you pause more and listen in stillness, move slow enough to treat it with honor and reverence. There is wisdom here, even if you are not sure what it is just yet, stay open and curious. Allow it to be an invitation into something new, not an invitation to fight for the return of what was. Move slow, breathe deep, and trust that this unplanned path will unfold into a beautiful new chapter in your life's story.
Much Love,  Nicky


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