• Yoga increases circulation to areas that might not be receiving a lot of strong blood flow (due to sitting or other causes). This is one reason why it's great for preventing varicose veins, increasing recovery time to injuries, getting rid of scar tissue, reducing fatigue, and increasing oxygen to the brain and blood flow. 

Yoga reduces fatigue through the following:


* The stimulation of strong oxygen-rich blood flow throughout the whole body.


* Compressions (certain poses compress specific areas- when the area is released, muscles relax and are flushed with fresh nutrient-oxygen rich blood flow.


 * Inversions (any pose where the head is below the hips, such as standing forward folds, etc.) Inversions allow an increase in the blood to flush the brain to wake it up (simply put).


*The poses release tensions in the body that can minimalize blood flow to the head and other muscles.


* Many poses work on the endocrine system- they balance out your hormonal system (which affects your metabolism, mood balance, digestion, bodily functions, and so forth).


* Many poses work on the digestive system- your digestive health really runs your life- from your immunity, moods, energy levels and so much more. &n