• It also increases circulation to areas that might not get a lot of strong bloodflow (great for preventing varicose veins, increasing recovery time to injuries, getting rid of scar tissue, and letting go of fatigue).

   *  Reducing Fatigue- Increasing oxygen to brain and bloodflow. 

Some of the ways it reduces fatigue are through the following:


* The stimulation of strong oxygen rich blood flow throughout the whole body.


Compressions (certain poses compress specific areas when released the area, and its surroundings, are freed of blockages and are flushed with fresh nutrient-oxygen rich blood flow.


 * Inversions (any pose where the head is below the hips, such as standing forward folds etc.) Inversions allow an increase in the blood to flush the brain to wake it up (simply put).


*The poses open up many blockages and release tensions in the body that can block off blood flow to head and other muscles.


* Many poses work on the endocrine system- they balance out your hormonal sytem (which affect your metalbolism, mood balance, digestion, bodily functions and so forth).


* Many poses work on the digestive system- your digestive health really runs your life- from your immunity, moods, energy levels and so much more.  


* It also detoxifies and stimulates your organs and body systems- esp. with:        


                  - The liver - huge detoxifier in the body,

                  - Lymph system- waste removal system of the body, 

                  - Kidneys- water regulator and blood waste remover, 

                  - Adrenals- how your body handles stress.


* It brings synovial fluid to the joints (helping reduce dry joints and imbalances that develop from overuse as well as from underuse.)


* It also reduces anxiety, depression, and helps balance out the emotional and mental body. (This is accomplished by some examples already mentioned above, but also through meeting our minds and habits during our practice. During yoga this powerful space is uncovered where we are given opportuinities to unlearn patterns and obstuctions in the mind, body and breath. We begin to learn and see how those three parts of us have such an interconnected relationship. 


The list can go on and joyfully on, so if there is something you are curious about specifically or want a more in depth explanation contact us!

We would be happy to hear from you!






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  • It stablizes the atonomic nervous system (unconscious bodily functions such as digestion, heart rate, persperation etc.)


  • It increases Alpha waves in the brain


      (- Alpha brain waves are seen in clear awakened states of      being, when one is in a calm, easeful state of alertness. 


- Beta brain waves, on the other hand, are seen in extremely tense and stressful states of being, where fatigue, brain fog, lack of clarity and difficulty to focus resides... T.V., Radio frequences and cell phones all give off Beta waves. )


(there is a theory, that the reason it is so challenging for so many people to sleep nowadays is due to the beta waves emitting from technology).

The majority of today's population miss the alpha state or don't spend much time in it due to exhustion and excessive beta wave residence and so wake up exhusted. (This is where Yoga Nidra and Hypnosis can help;) 

Reasons to do Yoga