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Memberships & Pricing

We make it easy for you!

Having a tribe (supportive community) is so important in maintaining the connection and joy in life and that is why we are a center of community, we want to be your home.

In order to support this vision, our memberships are designed to support transformation and a strong, supportive tribe.

We have created a supportive schedule and platform designed to easily build and strengthen connections with yourself, and other members. Through our compassionate teachers, our social lounge, all the unique special events, classes and online platform there is something for every need and path of life.

Our theory is when we are members of a tribe, we know we belong to something, there is something we can anchor into, something that we know will always be there. This is the reason we are primarily a membership studio, in order to inspire a deeper connection with your tribe. 
There is so much support here and many welcoming hugs for you. We invite your to be more involved in your attendance, which is so easy when an every day visit is like visiting home, and we have virtual options too!

 The door is open here for you with many smiles awaiting.


We make it easy to attend!​

 Studies show practicing 3-5 times a week has the greatest impact on your well-being.

 We recommend beginning with our Weekly Intro. Special, to experience all the magical teachers and their offerings.

Studies show a regular yoga practice impacts the individual with a positive life-altering shift.

We have a visiting travelers class pass and drop-ins available as well.

All classes have in-person & online options.

We also offer pre-recorded sessions.

Please explore everything in fine detail below:)

All purchases have processing fees added in check out.

Screen Shot 2022-01-21 at 2.22.12 PM.png
Intro SPecial 2020

Introductory  Specials

Intro Special: 1 Week of Unlimited Classes

*Expires in 7 days from purchase

*Only 1 per client

*Rolls into Intro. Special $111 a Month Unlimited Class Membership, No-Contract

*Once Canceled this deal is lost forever.

*Plus processing fees

Best Choice


Yearly Unlimited Classes: $111 a Month

**A year of unlimited classes, a year of unlimited opportunities for      transformation.**

*Saves $336! Compared to the no-contract unlimited membership.

*1 Free suspension/membership pause a year.

*See contract details for more info. and terms.

*Plus processing fees.

Monthly Unlimited-  $139 a Month


*Auto-pay (cancel no less than 14 days before next charge via e-mail).

*Plus processing fees.

Traveling visitor Pass

Drop-In (Single Class)

*Valid for 1 class.

*Plus processing fees.

*Purchase by booking a class from schedule page.

*Plus processing fees.

5 Classes Monthly Membership, Auto-Pay (No-Contract)

*Saves $10.

*Expires 1 Month from purchase date, auto-pay, no-contract.

*Cancel no later than 14 days before next charge date .

   --Must cancel in email with confirmation.

*Plus processing fees.

As I walk through, clearing up the studio after another meaningful night here, I am just so filled with gratitude for this place. Over the many, many years these doors, have cared for all the celebrations, the sorrows, the heartbreak, the joys, the discoveries and epiphanies of all those who have walked in to gather in this sacred and alive space. The dream of this space was to be a place for people to seek refuge in, to not feel alone, or feel like the only one... to have support and guidance different than the mainstream narrative. I feel this space is alive and a dear friend. It’s spirit drew me in and I just knew this was the space for this calling to be fulfilled. I’m so grateful to have this sanctuary for our tribe to seek refuge in. Just know this space is here for you, our cave of wonders to gather and meet in and “remember”.

Nicky & the Cave of Wonders
(aka The Joyful Living Yoga Center)

Nicky Scholz The Joyful Living Yoga Center, New Jersey.jpg
the joyful Living Yoga Center
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