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Can I still attend if I am not a member?

✨✨Yes, of course! ✨✨
🌺You are welcome to join any class, and even invite your friends, family, and everyone you know! 

🌺We offer "Drop-In" (single class) options for those that are not ready to become a member yet.


f you seek peace, be still. If you seek wisdom, be silent. If you seek love, be yourself..
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✨✨What other options do you have? ✨✨

🌺We recommend beginning with our Weekly Unlimited Offer

💫This option allows you to explore any class and discover what works best for your schedule. 


Image by Belinda Fewings

✨✨How do I sign up?✨✨

🌺Super easy! Just find a class you want to begin with and follow the steps!

✨✨Mobile App✨✨
🌺Please download our mobile app.

It will offer easy registration
and access to rent videos
(or just enjoy if you are a member- the videos are included!)

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✨✨Want Virtual Options? ✨✨

🌺Create a FREE Zoom account.

🌺Then register using our schedule page.

You'll receive an e-mail link1-hour (or after if you register later).

✨✨Tips for Success✨✨


✨Studies show to practicing 3-5 times a week consistently reeps the greatest benefits from a yoga practice. 
💫If this is a challenge for you we invite you to begin with this Yoga Challenge! 
💫Sign-up into the same class every week, and commit to it like it's your job.

💫Watch your life transform,
experience peace
flow into every area of your life! 

💫This will inspire you to add an additional class next month and the next thing you know you have a deep, habitual practice for ultimate well-being.

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