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How do I attend a class?

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Step 1

*To attend a class simply click on the “Book” button for the class that you wish to attend, on our website schedule page and follow the prompted steps.

Step 2

*Download Zoom onto your desktop, or if you prefer, you can also use your phone or both.

Step 5 

*Create a FREE Zoom account.

Step 6

*The Link for the class will be sent out to your e-mail 1-hour before class start time. Yes, if you sign up after the 1-hour mark you will just immediately receive the link.

*Have your devices charged/plugged in 

*Please enter the virtual classroom around 10 minutes prior to class start time.

*This offers the opportunity to chat with others in the group, if any technical issue arises we can easily resolve them, or you can just go prance off and do your own thing till class starts. It also allows the teacher to help everyone find the right space and props in their home.


*If all this is brand new, or confusing for you I am happy to chat via phone to help you become comfortable with this process so it's a breeze for you.

*Please call/text me so we can get you comfortable and ready to jump right in.


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