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Aligning with your Path

Uncovering your Heart

In order to go anywhere meaningful, 
you must first become clear of what is truly meaningful for you.

Then the path will become clear.

Set up a session today,
so you have clarity of your path.

Astrology Chart Reading

Are You Feeling Lost?

Uncertain of which direction to take?

Searching for ways to get "Unstuck"?

Craving clarity?

In need of guidance?


You've come to the right place, my friend:)


Intuitive Card Readings are similar to life coaching, with an added spiritually connected ingredient.


The session begins in a very relaxed, inviting setting, where we tune into what the cards have to offer as guidance for your current position in life.

The session offers clarity and relief from any disconnection that may arise from new life experiences, feeling stuck, confused, and all other situations.

Tools will be offered, along with compassionate guidance in finding your truth, while activating the energy to bring you back into an aligned joyful flow.


Please contact us to set up an appointment.


✨$60 for 30 minutes 

✨ $100 for an hour - This session goes on till the energy is complete, with no extra charge for additional needed time for the hour session.


732-899-YOGA (9642)

✨Intuitive Card Reading✨

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