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How to End Suffering...

When we forgive we let the binds of that experience go (no matter the source of the experience) and therefore we are left with spacious and boundless love. Love is just our true source energy and everything else is just fear- a protective, defense system. We experience love when we let our walls down. When we attach to any expression of fear we step in a box and hide (sometimes poking holes through to let some light ("love/nourishment") in and out.) But to be Love we step outside our box, allowing our lights to shine and also dance with the lights shining back at us. To forgive an experience is to release our attachment to it so we may be at peace in an open, receptive and welcoming state of being...To be Love.

When we forgive, we release the binds and resistance we created from the attachment and identity we built associated to whatever we needed to "forgive"/release, allowing us to become energetically formless; Allowing us to step outside our boxes and be free once again. We may not be able to change the past, or even something in the present, but we can change our interaction and perception of it all. May we be freed from our binds, no matter what their disguises;) - Thank ourselves, thank the experiences, thank all the beings involved. Everything is our teacher, our messengers whispering sweet songs of love to guide us back to our truest forms, our truest selves, back to Love. <3 Nicky <3

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