Yoga is this extremely ancient science. It's so intelligent. It holds such a depth that seems neverending, allowing people to continously discover more and more the deeper they dive into themselves and evolve :) It's a life long loyal friend that will always be there for you even if you haven't visited for a while;) Yoga has had this underground influence on our modern day world before "yoga" even became so commonly accepted. A great deal of successful psychology today has been influenced by yogic philosophy, just proving its incredible wholesome healing capabilities. There are so many hidden yogic infulences in todays world that you probably have been apart of without even knowing;)


See you are already doing yoga;)



So yoga has so many paths.


* If you dread the thought of sitting still there is a more vigorous type of  yoga.

* If you have knee pain, back pain, any bodily imbalances there is theraputic yoga. 

* If you want to train the mind to focus and declutter we can build a meditation practice.

*To get to know yourself, build endurence to life and relieve stress we can begin a meditation practice and even pranayama practice (breath work).

* Theres Yoga Nidra for releasing habits, emotional tension and to help create the life you want. 


Yoga works even on all your bodily systems, not just flexiblity and strength.


  BONUS: All yoga can achieve all the above... through exploration we find what resonates with us...and that is our path. ;)Yey!

Yoga, the root, "yuj" (meaning "unity" or "yoke"), translates that one of the great purposes of this practice is to unite ourselves with our truest nature, and so creating a deeper connection with everything around us. This unique concept represents the birth of The JOyful Living Center, a scared place that sparks the adventure of finding that joy, clarity and hamrony in our lives.


 Through a yoga practice all this plus more begins. Yoga meets you whereever you are right in this very moment, even if your toes, "goals'', or intentions feel like a million miles away. ;)

 We are very excited to meet with you in our free intro. consulation where we connect and discover what services, classes and programs would be for your highest benefit. Yoga is an incredible experience tailored to the individual, it is a journey of wholesome self discovery. When we are comfortable and content within ourselves, that openness with radiate into everything else, allowing a deeper connection with all.

A real beauty of Yoga is that it will meet YOU wherever YOU are right now on every level of being. Sometimes in life we can become comfortable in what we know, even if it doesnt truely serve our highest good. Yoga helps brake the cycle of our obsticles and  unserving habits, awakening us to a way of existing that is so alive and rich. It is in that moment when we step out side of our comfort zone that life can begin to move into a more liberating joyful flow, we become comfortable with change and so open up to exploration and new plateus.  We remember our gift of playful exploration and awaken the truely aligned person we are. All we need to do is begin our practice.  

The styles, types and paths in Yoga are bountiful suiting every person with an interest :)


All you have to do is give a ring and your practice begins:) 




The wonderful thing is the only requirement for Yoga is being able to Breathe. :)

​Yoga has a life to its own, with such intelligence.

All you have to do is start.

Yoga will meet you where you are right now.

It will bring you to that harmonious, balanced place, whereever that is for you, 

and it will always grow with you as your "harmonious balanced places" change and develop:)

Its an adventure of meeting the Self.

An adventure of connecting with harmony.

Of finding Life.


The beauty is....


its yours.



We'd love to hear from you

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