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Image by Ravi Pinisetti

How do register for classes?

Here is a video to help you sign up yourself, your child (ages 13 and up), or many other people that are attending with you (this applies for workshops and regular classes).

Orientation for using the mobile app that you downloaded from your app store. 

If you had an account from our previous software please click this button to reset your password to have an account with our new software. Please only use this button to do this.
(Note: Do not try to create a new account or reset the password any other way.:)
**If there are any struggles or issues please call me immediately at 732-899-9642 so I can help you:) 
***If you are new to the studio then this message does not apply to you :)
Happy to help:) Hugs!


*If all this is brand new, or confusing for you I am happy to chat via phone to help you become comfortable with this process so it's a breeze for you.

*Please call/text me so we can get you comfortable and ready to jump right in.


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