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Online Programs

We offer online classes as part of your membership (or to rent), but did you know we also have life-changing online special event programs? These are specially designed to really create a paradigm shift in your life. Life is meant to feel like a harmonious intimate dance, if it doesn't we invite you to explore these online programs (especially our Meditation Series). We also offer one-on-one sessions that will create the most significant impact because it's so personalized.

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Yoga Nidra Meditation Experience guided and created by Nicky:

A reconnection and rediscovery of you.

A connection with yourself, your greatest power and path.

Within this session you will:

- Learn grounding techniques

-A powerful method for setting an intention and living it more.

-A deep meditation designed to rejuvenate you.

- A powerful segment within the meditation to create and strengthen your relationship with yourself, your inner power/presence, and your path.

-With the continuous practice of this session you will develop an unshakable presence, feeling more at peace, confident and certain. You will begin to live in deep clarity allowing you to make more aligned and confident decisions in your life.


A session like no other. Perfect for beginners and those that are more experienced. It is a spiritual practice that profoundly guides you into a boundless state. Realigning you with your optimal state of health, a clear mind, and a compassionate heart. Here you will awaken with a deep sense of restoration.

Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) is a guided experience that slowly releases the inner tensions of the body, mind, and emotions. This practice is a very efficient and effective form of rest and rejuvenation. If you feel off-center, unbalanced, or simply exhausted, please come and experience the transformative power of this practice and leave feeling relaxed and peaceful.

Yoga Nidra is a practice designed to lead you through the various layers of the body and mind, from the gross to the subtle. This is normally done unconsciously, as you dive into sleep, but Yoga Nidra, (yogic sleep) takes you into a state of deep sleep while being conscious of it. In this state between awake and asleep, you can experience your true self, beyond the senses, beyond the thought forms. Some experiences deliver guidance, clarity, physical healing, and regeneration, and will open the door to many esoteric experiences. The state of being that Yoga Nidra trains you to connect with is a very important state every human should learn to access. The possibilities are endless. No session is the same, and you will find that you ultimately get what you need. Each time you practice, you train your nervous system to connect to more relaxed states of consciousness more easily, undoing the states of stress most people live in. This will create a life that is filled with creativity, joy, peace and so much more. So no matter what, each session is worth the practice. 

- We will offer a little bit of time to create comfort in the body with very gentle stretching (optional) and setting a heartfelt intention. 


Yoga Nidra Meditation Experience

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