In this class you will learn and practice some "mind training" techniques and self hypnosis which will aid in - 

                               -Training the mind to focus completely on a singular subject 

                               -How to find the calm within any type of experience even in choas

                               -Make peace with our emotions

                               -Meet the True Self

                               - Discover harmonious living

                               - Develop how to feel content and satifised with living 

                               - Discover how to find Sukha (sweetness) in each experience - even once we try to normally                                     run from or avoid.

                               - Rewire the brain to automatically serve you and support your highest benefit.

                               - And so much more!

Then after a short practice, you will be lead through a healing releasing guided meditation. Yoga Nidra, Hypnotic techniques, and guided imagery will be impletmented during this transformting experience.



Many times when people are asked what meditation is the image of a person without any thoughts, sitting cross legged (even in lotus position) pops into the mind. 


Yes one technique is to train the mind to just be thoughtless, but the path to get there can vary. So the wonderful news is... there are so many types of meditational techniques, paths, stages etc. and this class will introduce you to many so you can explore, experience and collect many tools and techniques to put in your pocket, that will support your journey of training the mind to work for you, not against you.