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Heehee, So I can't hold it in any longer!;) As most of you know, you will have heard of my life changing (confirming and guiding) astrology chart experience;) It was so enthralling!

Diane clarified experiences that occurred in my life attached with accurate dates, gifted me a forecast of the what is in store relative to my path, and brought immense personal clarity of my soul and way of being:) I felt as if any confusion, doubt or question I held had been lifted, leaving me with a deeper relationship and understanding of myself, my life and the world around me.

I thought I understood "me", but after the reading I can say I've never felt so secure and connected with myself, my place in the universe and my own connection with the it, than ever before.

So, as you know, when I find something that is life altering and "the real deal"- I bring it to the studio;) (One of the reasons I opened this studio) to share with you all! Cause everyone should experience this!

Astrology Chart


Let's explore your Astrological Chart and discover how your personal planets define your personality, challenges, luck, health, finances, partners, and more!


We'll look at how the planets today are influencing/empowering you in 2016 and beyond. Astrology is a great way to harness the energy of the planets and let it guide you to empowered decision making. Let's see how the planets can work for you!

In conclusion, she will be available for you through Skype! You must experience this!:
1. This fills up extremely fast!
2. This is Life Altering and Life Affirming!
3. We need your information ahead of time so she can do your chart;)
It's $55 for an hour long session. Please contact us to set up your appointment. 

Which leaves us with these final questions...


*Are you ready to find relief from any uncertainty, doubt, confusion?


*Are you ready to hear confirmation of your path (since I firmly believe we all know our paths deep down, sometimes all we need is a little external sources to confirm what we already know, for us to allow it to finally surface;)


*Are you ready to connect with yourself, life and the universe in a way you may have never before?
Yeah, me too! I'm so excited to hear from you all!! Hugs!


****Send us your birthday, month, and year; time (am or pm) and city and state of birth.*****

Due to High Demand of this event we cannot hold your appointment time till payment has be received. 

Please contact us anyway that is convenient for you to set it up.


732-899-YOGA (9642)

Ready to Align?

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