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Welcome Home

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As you walk through our doors, you're embraced with a sense of belonging.

  Every face feels like a friend, and all our offerings guide you to rediscover your inner home.

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 Welcome Home.This is the journey of a lifetime.

At The Joyful Living Yoga Center, in the heart of Point Pleasant Beach, NJ,  we help you rediscover how to make your life and your own body feel like home again. As you walk through these doors, you will experience the instant magic this space has to offer. Stress and tension will begin to happily melt away as you uncover such joy in your body again. This studio guides you to reclaim your power and live life with a meaningful purpose. 


Here we help you live a Joyful Life. 

You are one choice away from elevating your life.

New to the studio?

Life is about to change for the better!
14 Days of unlimited yoga classes.

Explore all the magic we have to offer and meet all of our unique teachers. With this option, you will find the perfect fit for your schedule and preferences.

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We are a very beginner-friendly studio!
We also specialize in helping you advance in philosophy and meditation, which will guide you into the most profound peace and joy.

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New To Yoga?

Congratulations on beginning your yoga practice. You have come to the best place. We're a beginner-friendly community that honors your unique journey. Our classes even are marked with stars to guide you: 

- 1 star*: Mostly meditation and relaxation, for those seeking calm and clarity
- 2 stars**: Focus on stretching and flexibility, for those seeking gentle growth
- 3 stars***: Balances strengthening and stretching, for those seeking a dynamic practice

Join us in our inclusive and cozy, supportive environment, where every face feels like a friend and every breath feels like coming home to yourself. 

Not Sure Where to Begin?

Ready to start your yoga journey but not sure where to begin? We're here to help! Sign up for a free consultation.

- Discuss your goals and intentions
- Learn about our class offerings and which ones are right for you
- Answer any questions you may have about yoga or our studio


We invite you to explore how yoga can support your well-being and connect with our community. Click below and take the first step towards a more balanced and fulfilling life!

When you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live at peace w
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Private Yoga 

Did you know that yoga is designed to adapt to your body, rather than the other way around?

Private yoga is a unique approach that helps you discover your personal elements necessary to experience a more joyful life.

Whether you're new to yoga or feel like your current practice isn't leading you to your highest state of well-being, allow us to guide you on this transformative path. It all begins with a short consultation, where we'll take the time to ask you questions about your experience, preferences, physical limitations, breathing patterns, and more. This information is used to create a personalized session tailored specifically for you!

Explore this special experience to start reaping the numerous benefits of practicing yoga. Yoga not only enhances your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, but also elevates every aspect of your life. If you're ready to take your yoga journey to the next level and unlock these incredible benefits, our experienced teachers are here to assist you every step of the way.


Well-Being Sessions

Are you living the life you want to live?

Feeling overwhelmed by life's demands?

Don't let anxiety and stress hold you back. Our Well-being Sessions are here to help you rediscover joy, alleviate anxiety, and conquer life's challenges.


You are about to embark upon a journey of joy, discovery, and harmony...

In truth yoga
doesn’t take time
– it gives time.”

-Ganga White

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Intuitive Card Readings

Are you intrigued by the realms of energy?

Are you longing for a profound connection with something beyond the narrow portrayal of the world by mainstream culture?

Do you sense that there is a deeper meaning to life?


This card reading serves as the guidance you have been searching for. Within this reading, you will receive invaluable direction and clarity, leading to a sense of comfort, relief, and a profound connection with life itself. It is an awe-inspiring and enlightening experience that can assist you in resolving various issues, always leaving you with a reassuring clarity and a more aligned path to self-discovery.


"I've been to many studios, but this one is special. It's warm, welcoming, and without judgment. For me, that is so important. It's about yoga, the mat, my space. I feel so grateful to have found a space to practice, grow and heal."


"Check out the yoga studio that changed my life. Every single person who works here has absolutely, without doubt, played a huge part in saving my life. I promise anyone can do yoga and anyone will be welcomed by Nicky's big warm hugs (or air hugs).

"I just love the caring atmosphere that is built by Nicky, all the instructors, and the community of those who attend the classes. The physical aspects of the studio are also amazing..inviting, happy, and safe."


"Best place will be transformed beyond expectations...through meditation, guidance, knowledgeable and loving instructors, as well as, the community of people who truly care."

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