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Eat Light Foods Before Class


The wonderful thing about yoga is you really develope a deeper connection with oneself, that includes a deeper connection with the body itself. Becoming aware of how foods effect you after you eat them, is always great advice.


It is commonly experienced, it is best to eat lighter, healthy meals the day of the class.


If anything, try to avoid eating heavier meals 2 1/2 hours before class. 

Please eat though:)

Just moving towards healthier foods will improve your overall well being. It is much easier to breathe, preform the poses without losing energy from digesting heavier foods, plus you will have more space for your lungs to expand and support you during your practice.. 

If you need assistance in improving health please call us:)

732- 899-9642


*Please eat something and be hydrated before class, so as to avoid feeling lightheaded due to the body craving fuel to function. 20 minutes before class is recommended for last call of eating.


- For an energy packed snack, such as a banana or nuts are great options.]

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