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The Joyful Online Studio

Welcome to our Online Platform

Inspiration thats

going to change

your life.

Options to Explore

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Join in on the fun! Here you will find different challenges. The water challenge, Meditation, 15-minute Yoga Challenge, and more!

Image by Carli Jeen

Supportive Recommendation Videos

Here you will find specific videos that are recommended for certain needs. (Guidance, comfort etc.)

Exercising at Home

Recorded Classes from the Studio!

Missed a class? Not to worry, we have the classes recorded for you! 

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More Videos by Nicky

Check out our online platform of sessions by Nicky

Yoga Group


Special Courses that are designed to expand your spiritual journey and to explore the teachings on a deeper level.

Learn More
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Special Events

Missed a special event but really wish you could attend, you are in luck! We have it recorded and saved here for you!

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