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   Yoga Challenge 

30 Classes in 30 Days!

A 30 Classes in 30 days yoga challenge
Beginning January 6th we will be introducing The Yoga Challenge to celebrate the New Year!

In this Challenge, the goal is to take 1 class a day (of any type, and options to double up within the month are accepted) 

The wonderful thing about this challenge is that through a daily practice such transformation occurs!!! and a deeper connection, alignment and harmony surfaces. This Challenge allows the individual to honor and connect with the body’s needs. It was created as a transformative journey to connecting and aligning with offering the body what it truly needs! So maybe one day your body needs a vigorous class and another a meditation and another a gentle class, but either way through this constant daily practice of Yoga we are acknowledging and nurturing our bodies daily! It is so easy to get lost and walk around treating our body as something that our brain is carried by, but our body is so much more! and can actually become your best friend through a deep body relationship and an enhanced wholesome life blooms or strengthens!

The intention is to connect, align, and harmonize more deeply with the self and in turn Life! 


Contact us any way that is most convenient for you. RSVP and register today!! Let the journey begin!

Ready to spark your world?

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