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 We can use the postures to reconnect to our bodies and, even at times, clear up any blockages in that connection. Then developing a personal relationship with ourselves, and all around us, by allowing the supportive breath to thread it all together. Learning to surrender and simply trust the flow that is in our practice, breath and life leads us to find the peaceful existence we all crave to stay connected to. Yoga is a great path for developing that attitude and habit.


Nicky is an experienced yoga guide, licensed massage therapist, and hypnotherapist. Her teachings carry grateful appreciation for all her teachers she has studied with throughout her travels, including biologists, chiropractors, physical therapists, nutritionists and many more spiritual guides along her experience of life. Her passion lays in mostly psychology and anthropology, understanding the secrets systems our own mind and body contain. As far back as she could remember, her passion has always been a life long study and exploration of the worlds ancient texts, philosophies, traditions, religions, and practices, a lot of which she has has the gifted experience growing up in her childhood, amongst cultures who still strongly practice many ancient traditions, cultures and beliefs.

She finds the mind to be such a fascinating tool, leading her into deep studies of hypnosis, meditation and pranayama, which included her studies with Swami Shantimurti Saraswati, Leslie Kaminoff,who is a yoga educator inspired by the tradition of T.K.V. Desikachar (he is an internationally recognized specialist with thirty four years’ experience in the fields of yoga and breath anatomy), and many more throughout her life.

Nicky loves to explore, study and dissect the many traditions, linages and styles of yoga, and this is immensely expressed in her classes. She has always been fascinated with the body and mind connection, and is in constant study; through that journey she has developed a deep knowledge and love for analyzing the intelligence of alignment, how the body works in poses and how its affected by the arrangement of the sequence. The study of the mind while playing with life are strong elements deeply expressed in her classes as well. :)

Nicky has combined and integrated her knowledge and studies of medical massage therapy, psychology, philosophy, cultural studies + experience, positive psychology, and neurolinguistic programing into her yoga classes. One of her specialities are therapeutic yoga classes, where many modifications and variations are introduced to accommodate the individuals in the class while being immersed by guidance on connecting to what the individuals body is communicating. Through this process the individual is able to develop such an intimate relationship with the body and the self.:) It’s a beautiful journey! :) Come by!

"Yoga is a practice that feeds the mind, body and spirit. By opening up our hearts to yoga's unlimited gifts and lessons, one can begin a personal journey of reconnecting to oneself with compassion. The practice calms and focuses our energies from the hurried lives that we may be leading. We start to become powerfully present, and truly alive in each moment, and over time notice that what we practice on the mat has snuck its way into our lives off of it."-Nicky

**Her joy for children has led her to train with Karma Kids Yoga in NYC as well :)



Nicky, the owner of The Joyful Living Yoga Center, grew up around the culture and philosophies of yoga as a child in Indonesia. The seeds of her childhood drew her to where she is today. She believes the mat is like a micro world where we can safely observe the habits, dialogue and beliefs which our minds carry; using our practice to rewire what doesn't work for us in our lives so our vehicle (the body and mind) runs in harmony with our true intentions.



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