Gentle yoga has a slower meditative pace, sometimes (depending on the teacher) having longer holds. It is a class focused more on stretching the body (no heat building) . The wonderful gift gentle yoga offers is a chance to really slow down and stop the momentum in life, thoughts and habits, and if needed, even reset it to move in the direction you most desire. It's so wonderful to de-stress and rejuvinate the whole self.



We live in a fast paced world, it can be easy to lose touch with the essence that is in living, even our own selves, thus this is an incredible class that offers a sacred placid space to unwind and reconnect, maybe even discover:)


It will help to recharge and revitalize the body's storage of energy and help prevent illness, disease, and degeneration through stretching, strengthening poses, breathing and relaxation techniques.


This class is suitable for everyone (except physically injured- we offer private yoga especially for injured persons, as well as other classes, to help the recovery process - please contact us we offer a FREE CONSULTATION, to help you find the most aligned class for your needs).