Patricia Larkin


Patti is a yoga instructor, elementary art teacher, artist, and photographer. She practiced yoga on and off her entire life, but her true "yoga awakening" occurred a few years ago following a knee injury caused by running. At the time, she was depressed and felt handicapped by her injury, and was in constant pain. She tried a yoga class with a friend and sat in the back, feeling like a dunce, but amazed at the strong and bendy bodies before her… in all different ages, shapes, and sizes. She came out of that class a sweaty wreck, but was eager to do more. 

She was surprised how strong she was getting and how much her knee pain was reduced. At first, she kept coming back to yoga because she physically felt so much better. It took a longer time for her to realize that yoga was also changing her spiritually.

Patti believes in a balanced practice. She loves fast fitness flows and the structure of traditional Ashtanga practice, but Yin and Restorative yoga are at her heart and soul. They balance out the pace of a fast work week, a hard workout, a stressful day, the joys and torments of parenthood, or whatever life may bring. Her classes give her students the chance to stretch out, slow down, breathe, and restore their body, mind, and soul. She remembers vividly her first “real” yoga classes and the struggle of being a new student. She is also extremely focused on alignment and individual anatomy, focusing on healing and injury prevention. Patti loves to share the joy yoga gives her with others and can’t wait to share that joy with you.



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