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Please click on the image below, that matches your phone type, to download the FitDEGREE Mobile App! Everything you need right on your phone! 



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Click on a link above that supports your phone type:

Below is a written walk through of the video walkthrough.

Step 1

Click into the App Store or Google Play Store via the links above

Step 2

Download and Open the fitDEGREE app from your mobile app store/the link above.

Step 3

-Open the app and in the search bar type in: The Joyful Living Yoga Center.

-Click on studio logo icon

Step 4

-Open the app and Click "Login"

Step 5

-Click "Create an Account" (even if you have a Mindbody account).

Step 6

-Fill in the information as prompted. You are creating a new password, but please use the email address you had in the MindBody software (our old software). 

Step 7

- After you finished creating an account, click "Allow" on the notification pop-up.

Step 8

-Then go to your email and open the "Verify your email" that was sent to you.

Step 9

-Click on the blue button "Verify Email".

Step 10

-Check the box by "Live Stream Classes" and then press "done".

Step 10

-Return to you account page/app and click on the "Link your accounts" section.

Step 12

-Click on "This is me" and confirm "Yes, Link Accounts".

Step 13

-Congratulations you are all set!

If you need assistance please call me - 732-899-9642

How do I receive the

Virtual Links after I sign up?

E-mail & Links

-We ask that you pre-register anytime before the 15-minute period prior to class start time.


-Once you register for a class, the class links will be sent to your e-mail  

15 minutes before class start time.  (Also a button will appear in your registered class section on the schedule page and app).


-Both the Button and email link will appear 15-minutes prior to class start time. 

-Keep in mind, emails are only sent to those that registered before the 15-minute deadline. If you registered after that please read below.


-Can't find the email link? 

You may need to check your email search bar- "Is now streaming". (sometimes emails go into spam folders, or other folders). 

-Still can't find it?  - Confirm you gave us permission to send you emails.

If you register to class after the 15-minute deadline, you can still access the Links by clicking on the registered class on the schedule page, or in your app.

Note: The Links are always available 15 -minutes before class on the class page (in the app or desktop version). See Video Below:) 

 Side Note regarding your credit card: As you transition from MINDBODY to fitDEGREE please note that your autopay memberships will be linked and continued on your fitDEGREE account. Your credit card information does exist on the administrative side so that your autopay can remain active, but this does not transfer the card information onto the user application. (For security purposes in this transition). If you wish to have it available to personally use for charges it must be entered manually by you in user application if you wish to access your credit card or change the card information associated with your user account. (This only would have to be done once, and it'll save on your account for easy use thereafter).


"Keep MeIn My Practice" Program

Click below so we can form a personalized weekly schedule for you, or you can just share your weekly class schedule with us if you already have it figured out.


Your personalized schedule will be inputed into the system, so you can just jump right into an automatic self-care schedule without having to sign up every week.

Studies show, a yoga practice of 3-5 classes a week delivered the deepest shifts and offered the greatest benefits. 

Even on a subconscious level, when you commit to your self-care, you will find you are able to process life differently. 

Click below, so we can set up your schedule for you, and then all you have to do is show up. 

Life can be this easy :) 

Image by Aziz Acharki


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