Community/sangha is so important in maintaining the connection and joy in life:) and so that is why we are a center of commUNITY, we want to be your second home.:)


  In order to support this vision our memberships are designed to support transformation and sangha :) We have created a supportive webbing for connections to be easily built and to grow stronger within ones self and in turn with others. Through our positively spiritual teachers all the way to our social Lounge, there is something for every need and path of life.


Our theory is when we are members, we know we belong to something, there is something we can anchor to, something that we know will always be there and so we have many unlimited membership options in order to create that.


 There is so much support and welcoming hugs for you to be more involved when an everyday visit is like visiting your own, the door is always open with many smiles awaiting:)






To welcome our new students we have created this wonderful special, of 30 days unlimited classes, to become apart of this exciting journey at The Joyful Living Center:) Offer ends soon!






Special Pricing!

offer expires soon!

Yearly Unlimited

Yearly Unlimited Classes

A year of unlimited class, a year of unlimited opportunities for transformation. In order to serve our student's best interests  we have created this transforming membership. The best