A playful mind is requested, but not required.An All Levels Vinyasa Yoga Class: A Beginner to advanced level Friendly Class:) There will be many options to add or subtract to the physical part of the practice to cater to all levels. :) Vinyasa, translated as "to place in a special way", Is an energetic practice with intelligent yoga sequencing, linked with conscious breathing. When movement and breath are linked together continuous conscious awareness of the present moment, a moving meditation, occurs. It has a powerful physical and mental effect when we connect this way. We learn to value the transitional moments as well as the peak ones




A Vinyasa Yoga Class- Joyful Flow 2 is recommend for those who are more familiar with poses and it is a more vigourous practice. Classes will typically include a variety of sun salutations, inversions, standing poses, hip openers, backbends, forward bends, twists and will close with savasana. This class is geared towards the experienced student who wants to generate some heat and explore the nuances of traditional yoga poses.