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You are one choice away from elevating your life.

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We make it
Easy to attend!

We recommend beginning with our "Intro. Special" to experience all the magical teachers and their offerings:

$29 for 1 Week Unlimited Classes.






✨Studies show a yoga practice of 3-5 classes a week delivers the most dramatic shifts while offering the greatest benefits.


✨Even on a subconscious level, when you commit to your self-care you will find you are able to process life differently. It begins to feel as though everything will be okay because you have this anchor in your life now.

To get away from all the daily lists and demands of the day,

and have a Sanctuary to seek refuge in

is life-changing.


Welcome Home.

✨Are you ready to embark upon a journey of a lifetime that will enhance your life?✨

✨The more you attend classes, the more your bond with the Tribe, and soon you feel humans greatest need fulfilled.

Having a sense of belonging to a group of like-minded individuals, you are not alone.✨

🌺As you begin to meditate and evolve in your physical practice you find yourself connecting with your inner sanctuary more and more throughout your day.🌺



✨🌺Practicing in our studio (or online) has a profound overflow in your life. It becomes your anchor and comfort within the storm of change and inspiration within the flow; the longer you stick with this integrated pattern of practicing 3-5 classes weekly, the more embodied it becomes...

a new perspective and ability to process life is born. 


You realize you can feel this good all the time,

in your body,

in your mind,

and in your life.

🌺It pours into your daily activities, your relationships, and most especially into your relationship with yourself.

You deserve to feel good because when you are nourished, the whole world benefits

and may even become inspired to embark upon this life-changing and life-supportive gift as well! 


Be an inspiration,

join the movement of self-nourishment,

and dive into the infinite adventure of what life can really be.

Life is so much more than surviving it and going through the motions.

Come discover how nourishing and joyful life can be

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All of our classes offer the well-known calming effects of meditation & yoga. We offer classes for every type of interest and degree of experience.  


✨If you are looking for classes that are solely focused on stretching then any class with ** next to them will be perfect for you!

✨If you are looking for building strength and stretching but are Brand New to the yoga poses:

The Beginners Yoga Series is for you! 

✨If you are looking for a regular yoga practice and you are familiar with the poses- then any class is for you;) 


Explore them all. They are all so soul-nourishing.


✨The Joyful Flow classes will have strengthening poses balanced with a cool-down stretching period.


✨All Classes have Savasana - Final Relaxation. 


✨We even offer Meditation, Tai Chi, Yoga Nidra (a guided meditation), Sound Healing, and more here!

 Come Explore by clicking below. 

Must pre-register for all classes and events.

For assistance in doing so please call/text us at:


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