Vinyasas vary from day to day and teacher to teacher. Sometimes poses are held for a longer period of time and sometimes the tempo is increased. Either way is can be a vigorously meditative practice:) Where we can met all our habitual reactions and patterns, and transform the ones that are no longer serving us.


There is a subconscious serene sense of peace when postures are placed together in a flowing form, building upon each other. It is a special experience. Yoga will transform your life through all the layers that we are composed of, delivering a complete and aligned experience of consciousness:) 






An All Levels Vinyasa Yoga Class: A Beginner to advanced level Friendly Class:) There will be many options to add or subtract to the physical part of the practice to cater to all levels. :) Vinyasa, translated as "to place in a special way", Is an energetic practice with intelligent yoga sequencing, linked with conscious breathing. When movement and breath are linked together continuous conscious awareness of the present moment, a moving meditation, occurs. It has a powerful physical and mental effect when we connect this way. We learn to value the transitional moments as well as the peak ones